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This year, the Landlord and Tenant Board has advised that the annual Rent Increase Guideline will be 2.2%, meaning that this is the maximum percentage by which a landlord can increase the rent without first gaining approval from the Board.

Electronic Filing
In July 2015, the Landlord & Tenant Board launched e-File an online tool that lets landlords and tenants across Ontario file the most common LTB applications online, anytime from anywhere.  Additionally, the Landlord and Tenant Board website is now offering a function allowing parties to check the status of their applications online.

Effective Monday, March 7, the LTB has changed how it serves some Notice of Hearing packages.

Most people will continue to receive their Notice of Hearing package in the mail, but there are now three exceptions:

  • If you file an application in-person at an LTB office, you will receive your package at the counter instead of by mail.
  • If you file three or more applications at the same time (“bulk filing”) you will have the option to come into the LTB office and pick up the Notice of Hearing packages.
  • If you have a representative, that person will receive the package instead of you.

The Notice of Hearing package gives the date, time and location of the hearing. It also includes a copy of the application and information about the LTB process.

These changes do not apply to co-op eviction applications, Above Guideline Increase applications, or applications to Vary the Amount of a Rent Reduction.

Anyone who rents or manages properties in the province should strive to keep updated on regular changes implemented by the Board. Regular changes include things such as accessible forms, timelines for dispute resolution, amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, and an annual update on the approved rate of rental increase.

This year, the Board is also expecting revisions to the Residential Tenancies Act. As a result, changes will likely be made to existing application forms, current regulations, and procedures in 2013. Changes have already been made to the Board’s Rules of Practice, and they have already published new Interpretation Guidelines, both of which are available on their website.

For more information on the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Residential Tenancies Act, or for inquiries regarding these changes, you can visit their website at

Interested in a history of Rental Increases in Ontario? Click here for the rates of increase over the past few years. If you are interested in receiving further information, please contact us to have your e-mail address added to our mailing list.


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